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For over 20 years, the agency has been designing interior architecture, design, and decoration projects for hotels, boutiques, and private residences.

Each project tells a story, drawing inspiration from the location and its occupants to create a unique atmosphere.
We pay special attention to all the elements that compose this subtle harmony, making it pleasant to live in and bringing coherence to the project around its central theme:
The management of space and light, balancing natural lighting with decorative fixtures.

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The choice of materials and textures, their contrasts and complementarities, their visual appearance, as well as their feel.

The interplay of colors and shapes. Furniture selected from among the greats or the rising stars of design, as well as pieces specifically created for the project. The objects and their poetry.

We are always in search of the detail that will elevate your project; we love to seek and to find.

We are also attentive to the quality and precision of the documents provided to project partners, clients, and contractors: sets of plans, detail booklets, specification books, etc.

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